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With 2013 now in the rear view mirror I can honestly say it was not my best year. Whilst I didn’t experience anything earth shatteringly bad, I spent most of the year feeling lost, suffering anxiety and being unsure of myself.

With the fresh start that comes with a new year and celebrating my 27th Birthday just 8 days into the New Year I decided to take a step in making this year my best yet! I have set my self a list of 28 things I want to do/experience or complete before my 28th Birthday on January 8th 2015.

Here is the list:

  1. Have another overseas adventure with my hubby
  2. Host a dinner party for friends and do all the cooking
  3. Hold a themed fancy dress party
  4. Take an art class
  5. Learn a language
  6. Make exercise a priority and walk 3 mornings a week for the entire year
  7. Bake a cake from scratch
  8. Try a new food each month minimum
  9. Go camping…one night at least
  10. Hold or touch a snake to help overcome my fear
  11. Go for a night swim in the ocean
  12. Take a holiday with Gav, my friends and there partners
  13. Read a classic novel
  14. Walk/hike to the highest point in Australia – Mt Kosciusko
  15. Spend an entire day without my iPhone and iPad
  16. See one of my favourite bands play live
  17. Finish a 5k fun run
  18. Keep my 365 updated each day and include something positive about myself in each entry
  19. Go on a movie and lunch date with my mum and nan
  20. Take my camera with me more to capture moments and get the photos printed
  21. Make savings goals for each month and actually stick to them
  22. Dance in the rain
  23. Have a weekend away in winter with my hubby to somewhere cold preferably with a log fire
  24. Live in and cherish the moment
  25. Stop overthinking – trust my instincts
  26. Say YES to new experiences and adventures
  27. Spread the love – smile at strangers, let people in when driving, give compliments, really listen when talking to friends and family
  28. Make this year my best yet!

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