Thursday, 6 February 2014

A Domestic Goodess I Am Not

I may be a 27 year old with who has lived out of home for the past 7 years but one thing I have come to realise is that I am so NOT a domestic goddess.

Here is how I like to tackle a few domestic challengers:

  • Spill red wine or nail polish on the carpet and want to clean it up quickly? My rule of thumb is to experiment with all cleaning products in the house until one of the works.
  • Hosting a dinner party for in the inlaws? Buy food that just needs to be put in the oven and served (burning the food is optional as is serving dry meat...ive done both of these...yum!). 
  • Need a dress ironed for work? Throw it in the clothes dyer for 20 minutes.
  • Accurate measurements needed? Meh, that looks close enough.

The downside of growing up in a home with an amazing mum who cooked dinner, baked cakes, cleaned rooms, washed clothes etc, is that you really don't learn to do anything for yourself. All of the women in my family are great cooks, have beautiful tidy homes and are domestic goddesses - I think I'm missing that gene. 

Don't get me wrong, our house is tidy and well presented but cleaning is not my favourite thing (thank god for a dishwasher!) and I hate having to schedule in time to clean and tidy on week nights or the weekend for that matter.

My cooking is slowly improving, I make a mean pasta and you better get ready for my kick arse cupcakes (made from a pack of course) but Im still a work in process on the cooking front. 

The good news is I have made it a goal this year to improve my domestic abilities by adding "bake a cake from scratch" and "host a dinner party and do all the cooking" on my 28 by 28 list. Im hopeful that somewhere down the line my domestic goddess side decides to show itself but for now I'm comfortable in my easy to prepare meals, my cupboard full of mostly unnecessary cleaning products and contestant need to google how to do things around the house.

Anyone else out there domestically challenged?

Side Note - my husband is much better at me with domestic tasks so thank good there is one adult in our house!

Jen Xx


  1. I can SO relate...BUT...that's why I LOVE Pinterest. I can find all kinds of tips and tricks on there. Also, since going back to work full-time, I've hired a cleaning lady. Yep...I love it...allows me more quality time with my family!

  2. I am beyond jealous that you have a cleaning lady! I have said to my husband that if/when we have children i would totally want a cleaning lady haha

  3. I can definitely relate to you. I also watched my mother do her domestic duties growing up. But none of it stuck with me. I don't currently have a spouse and family to attend to. I do not like cleaning, I hate getting my hands dirty. But it has to get done. I can cook, but prefer not to. I always say "I'm a consumer, not a producer." God bless the man that marries me.

  4. New follower from the blog hop! I've learned to bite the domestic bullet (aside from cooking which I love). I hate laundry, but I love clean clothes. I hate cleaning, but I love having a clean house. It's not fun.


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