Sunday, 23 February 2014

Life Lately

It is Sunday evening as I type this, I am sipping on a delicious grapefruit and lime cocktail, listening to Vampire Weekend on our record player and feeling optimistic that this coming week will be better than the last!

This week has been challenging; work deadlines, family drama and illness have all been present over the past 7 days and it has been draining to say the least.

Hubby and I have both been under the weather with sore throats and earaches but a busy work week has meant no chance of a sick day to rest for me "sigh" (yes, i'm a total mopey mess when Im feeling unwell). Luckily I have a super adorable husband who went to the farmers markets this morning to by me a pistachio bagel and strawberry macaron to help cheer me up - total swoon worthy move.

This week a lot of focus for me has been on my family. I have had an immediate family member going through a tough time with mental illness which has been really heartbreaking not only for that person but also for my family. Whilst i'm usually a very open person this isn't something I want to go into detail about - I think its still too fresh in my mind and personal for my family. Mental Illness is a real bitch isn't it?

On a more positive note here are some things I am loving this week:

  • Sochi Winter Olympics - I am crazy loving watching as much winter olympic action as possible. I don't think I have ever enjoyed watching an olympics as much as I have these winter games. I really love anything snowboarding! I also really love the sportsmanship and positive outlook of these athletes.
  • Exercise - The Jen of 3 months ago would never have said this but I am really enjoying going for a walk/run every morning. It puts me in a great mood for the day and side effect is that I have been losing weight and loving the results. Who knew exercise could be enjoyable?
  • Firmoo Glassess - After getting my eyes tested a few weeks ago I ordered glassed from Firmoo. I paid for express shipping (so worth it) and they came within 2 weeks. I am in love with the glasses! I love that Firmoo sell fashionable, fun glasses but without crazy optometrist price tags. Ill post a few photos of my 2 pairs of glasses in the coming days.

Here are some photos from the last week.

Sending love and positive vibes for the week ahead!

Peaceful afternoon watching the waves crash

Morning walk along the Foreshore - perfect time of day!

Friday night date night at Moneypenny at Honeysuckle - its our regular! 
Newcastle Town Hall by night

Jen, Xx


  1. I LOVE Vampire Weekend! They are one of my favorite Pandora stations. Your pictures are so pretty too! I wish we could get to the shore more often! New follower, here! :)


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