Thursday, 23 January 2014

A Glorious Weekend To Come

It may only be January 23rd and I may have only been back at work for 2.5 weeks but a long weekend of rest and relaxation is already needed. Lucky for me thats what is in store for this coming weekend!

Hubby and I are headed off to Nelson Bay in Port Stephens for 5 relaxing nights staying in a beautiful apartment right in the centre of town near the ocean. Best of all, its free! Gav won his work Rugby League tipping competition and the apartment accommodation was first prize. I still don't know how he won, we do not watch Rugby League at all!

As I can't take today off work we are heading off tonight, its only a short 1 hour drive, and will come home sometime on Tuesday. It is a long weekend in Australia as Sunday is Australia Day so a group of our friends are coming up to stay for a night or two. The rest of our time will be spent lazing by the beach, BBQs and drinks on the balcony and walks along the water. I also decided this week that I really want to learn to knit (random, i know!) so I will be making an attempt to start learning.

For anyone that follows me on Instagram be prepared to be bombarded with lots of beach and yummy food and cocktail photos!

My motto for the weekend...

How will you be spending this weekend?

Jen Xx

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