Monday, 13 January 2014

A great start to the day!

With my “New Year, New Me” attitude the hubby and I have been going for morning walks from our house to the beach. Most of my life I have been someone that hates early mornings and I have mostly avoided exercise at all costs. But let me tell you – I’m converted!

I’m finding that there is no better way to start the day then waking up early and walking along the beach as the sun is rising. At that time of the morning there is a beautiful sea breeze, people smile and say good morning and everything looks bright and shiny. Plus our 40 minute round trip makes me feel awake and energized for the day ahead.

As someone that has never enjoyed exercising I find myslf really getting into it and trying to walk quicker and further each day likes it’s a personal challenge to beat the previous days attempt.

It is just a small thing but morning walks have really helped with my mental health and overall feeling of wellbeing. Since I have made the effort to go walking in the morning I find myself trying to pick healthier food options throughout the day so I don’t waste the work I’ve done earlier.

Here is a photo from this morning’s walk – don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @mrsjennachapman

How could you not love seeing this every morning!

Jen Xx


  1. Good for you!! I wish I could get my hubster up a little earlier...I'd be so much more motivated if I had a buddy to walk with. :)

    1. Having an exercise buddy really makes all the difference for me! If I had to go alone I would really struggle and probably not go and sleep in instead haha

  2. It's so nice that you live close enough to walk to the beach. A bit jealous. It takes us just under an hour in the car. Still, it's better than having no beaches nearby.
    I'm glad that the walks are helping you to feel better and make healthier food choice. But also, it's nice to get that special time with your husband.

  3. WOW! Gorgeous photo! How nice it is that you get to see such sights daily:) You are very lucky!

    And good for you for starting a walking routine! Isn't it funny how much better you feel once you do something, especially in the am? A great way to start any day for sure:)


    1. Thanks for commenting Alyson! I was just looking at your blog and am going to read some of the books off your "Read 25 Books In 2014" goal. Im always looking for book suggestions! Xx


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