Sunday, 19 January 2014

Random Thoughts....

I'm sitting on our balcony as I write this post enjoying the cool summer sea breeze and watching people of all ages walk past. Groups of twenty something boys and girls heading off for a night of adventure in the city, couples heading to dinner, others off to have deep conversations with friends over a bottle of wine and families are heading home to tuck children into bed after a day at the beach.

People watching always reminds me that we all have our own paths in life. We don't all follow the same timetable for our life, we all make right and wrong decisions for ourselves and we are all entirely different people. The biggest service we can do for ourselves is to live our own lives. To not allow society pressures and meddling people change our lives to something we don't desire.

After having a year of personal struggle last year I am really appreciating my life in 2014. Im really thankful for the people I have around me that support me, even when I make mistakes or lose my way. The fact that I am married to my best friend who just "gets me" and who supports everything I set out to do is the biggest blessing in my life.

I am 27, still trying to figure out who I am and what I want in life but I know I am headed in the right direction and I am going to trust my instincts. 

The sun has gone down, the fairy lights on our balcony are on and that cool summer breeze is now a little too chilly - its time to head inside.

To finish, here is a quote from The Secret Life of Walter Mitty that I really love....

Jen Xx

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  1. Love this! And I totally agree! I get to thinking about this a whole lot when I people watch. Great post! (: Found you through hopping around on the blog-o-sphere! (:


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