Wednesday, 15 January 2014


Wanderlust is something that I have been feeling a lot of lately. I have a strong urge to grab my husband Gav, jump on a plane and explore new places, have adventures, embrace the unknown and leave behind the routine of full tine work.

When I was putting together my 28 by 28 list I knew instantly that travel needed to feature - I couldn't resist the pull any longer.

Gav and I have only been overseas together twice (Gav has been a few other times for work). Our first overseas adventure was to London, a small part of the UK and then we did a 3 week trip around Europe. Our second trip was our honeymoon where we spent 5 glorious weeks travelling the UK in our hired little Fiat car. This trip holds our fondest memories and we still talk about it at least once a week even after 2 years!

Whilst we have only done a small amount of travel, each trip has had an impact on me. As I am someone that generally likes routine and what I know, each trip has put me outside my comfort zone and thrown away any type of preplanning - this is good for me.

Once we decided travel was a must in 2014 we started talking about destinations. We threw around a few Europe suggestions but realised we only have a 3 week window of time that we can go away and we both agreed that a Europe adventure required longer than 3 weeks especially when we wanted to hire a car and take our time exploring. So Europe is on the back-burner till another time.

But we have narrowed down a location closer to home - New Zealand! Despite its close location to Australia neither of us have ever been. With a plan to hire a car for 3 weeks we hope to explore as much of the beautiful landscape on both the North and South Islands as we can. Im also keeping my fingers crossed for some snow! There will be a few challenging hikes and maybe even a night camping (!) thrown in but there will also be some luxury and maybe some time spent in a spa. I also have some family in Auckland so it will be great to catch up with them.

All in all we are very happy with our travel goal for the year and hope to have the details of the trip narrowed down in the next few weeks.

Bring on New Zealand - really, how could you not want to see this?

Does anyone have any New Zealand "must do" tips?

Jen Xx


  1. I guess Australia is like England in that you get a lot of vacation time. America on the other hand is very stingy. You really have to make the most of the two weeks you have for the year. Most companies require you work there for at least three years before you earn more vacation time. Make the most of your trip to New Zealand. I'd love to visit Australia some day. I have a cousin who lives there, she's promised that if she hits the jackpot on the lotto, she'll buy me a ticket. I hope it's first class because flying all that way sounds horrible!

  2. Wow, I didn't realise how lucky we are with holidays in Australia. All full-time workers here get 4 weeks annual leave a year and a lot of people salary sacrifice to get even more leave time. I really want to travel to America - hopefully in the next few years! Thanks for reading! Xx


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